Quick Guide: DIY Car Detailing | Body Shop | Roanoke VA

Hugh’s Body Shop in Roanoke, VA is dedicated to helping you keep your car in shape. We know that not everybody can afford to get their car professional detailed regularly. Though you should get your car detailed professionally every once in awhile, we have some tips to detail your car yourself. Here is our quick DIY car detailing guide!

1. Invest in Proper Detailing Products

Though you could use a regular soap, it could damage the interior of your car. If you aren’t paying somebody to detail your car right, you should still invest in the right product. There are a variety of options you can choose from, just make sure you use a product specifically for car detailing.

2. Use Only Soft Cloth

A soft cloth is great for both the interior and exterior of your car because it protects the fabric and the paint job you have. You can either use a nice micro fiber rag or even an old cotton t-shirt you don’t use anymore. Just make sure that you are using a fabric that isn’t abrasive.

3. Buy a Toothbrush

This may seem odd, but toothbrushes are perfect for getting into the nitty-gritty corners in your car that collect grime. Go ahead and run into the dollar store and buy a toothbrush that you can use just for detailing. The toothbrush will eliminate all that gross grime that has been resting in the crevices of your car.

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