Quick Guide: How To Keep Your Car Safe | Body Shop Roanoke VA

Hugh’s Body Shop in Roanoke, VA cares about your safety. Car burglaries can strike at any moment and are often unexpected. Hugh’s Body Shop doesn’t want you to fall victim to this crime, so we have some tips. Here are 3 things you can do to lower your risk of a car burglary.

1. Be Aware of Where You Park

One of the best ways to protect your car is by always parking it in a safe, secure area. When you’re at home, this means parking it in your garage if you have one. 

When you go out, try to be mindful of your surroundings. Try to park in a safe, well-lit, and commonly-frequented area where your car is less likely to become a victim of theft or vandalism.

2. Invest In a Steering Wheel Lock

Another thing that you can try is to invest in a good steering wheel lock. These locks can only be disabled by you. This means that a thief is probably going to move on to another car if they see your car has one.

3. Leave Valuables Out of Sight

As a final “word to the wise,” do not leave valuable items in your car, especially not where they are easily visible from the outside.

Leaving items like cash (or even change!), purses, or electronics in a car makes it instantly more attractive and vulnerable to thieves, so just don’t do it.

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